Our Patients story


Our Patients story
Our Patients story
Our Patients story
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"LeHeal Biogenix helps me recover each week before training. This allows me to be at my best! Grateful to have this place for recovery and growth"
• Fighter and Trainer
• State Champion 2022
• NAMTF International Title 2019• ISKA 2017 & ISKA 2018
• Amateur record 17-2
"Working out I hurt my elbow, it was so bad I could not even pick up a 5lbs dumbbell. One of the guys at the gym introduced me to the Co-Owner of the LeHeal BioGenix. He told me I needed to come see one of his providers, Lyle and see what could be done. He was able to get me scheduled that same day. I went in met with his provider Lyle who I was surprised to learn was not only a medical provider but also a prior Chiropractor. This guy knew his stuff, he walked me through the treatment which I was surprised they could do on the same day. They injected 2 types of stem cell products in my elbow and told me to stay light for the next 7-10 day. I was amazed to wake up the next morning and literally the pain was gone. I still did not push it. I waited the 7 days to get back into the gym. I started exceptionally light worried I would reinjure something. It's been 4 weeks now and I feel like my old self. Thank you, Brett your staff is amazing."
Rob J. 
"I do not typically do reviews, but I want to share my results. I am a mother of 2 young boys who has always tried to stay active. I started having pain in my right hip that was progressively getting worse. I thought it was never going to get better. Literally every time I ended up having to chase one of them down, I would get a terrible burning sensation.  


The pain started to limit the activities I could do with my children… Enough was enough, I could not take it anymore. I went to my doctor they told me it needed time; I tried massage and other treatments, nothing was working. I was thinking I'm going to need to see an orthopedic surgeon. I was talking with one of my girlfriends who told me her husband just got stem cell injections for his shoulder issue he got from golf. I asked where he went, that is how I found out about Leheal BioGenix. I called right away and spoke with one of the owners. She scheduled a consultation for me to come into the South Tampa location meet with Lyle. That guy is an amazing medical provider. He has an amazing ability to explain complicated information in a way I even understand. The procedure seemed simple and I was tired of being in pain. The injected me the same day, provided a laser treatment, and gave me a CBD topical and joint supplement. I was surprised that with the immediate relief from the laser. A week after the injections, it felt like there was no sharp aching pain. It's been 2 weeks and things seem good. Go to LeHeal BioGenix if you’re considering surgery that’s all I can say"
Joan R
"Thank you LeHeal BioGenix for giving me my life back. 2 years ago I feel twisted my knee and I just said I would live with it. Finally the pain got so bad that I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He told me that I had to have surgery to repair. Fearful of the down time missing work and all I needed to explore other options. I started searching on the internet for non-surgical options and then a friend referred me and to new practice in Tampa, LeHeal BioGenix. She provided me the contact information for the owner. I called and they made an appointment right away. I met with their provider Lyle who took his time and explained to me all the pros and cons. No pushy sales tactics only medicine. I elected to do the treatment the procedure was simple fast and rather painless. Within 2 weeks I started to notice my knee was not aching within a month I felt like myself. Thank you Lyle you’re a life saver. "
"At 60, when you injure something, it takes a lot longer to recover. So, I thought. I hurt my ankle at the grocery store. For a few months it was just nagging pain I figured I had to live with. At a pickle ball match, I really felt it and one of the ladies mentioned stem cell therapy, she told me she went to see a provider at LeHeal BioGenix.  


I scheduled a free consultation. I was skeptical at first, but the reward of the treatment far surpassed any risk. The injection was quick and easy. I walked out of the office that day. Within 24 hours I noticed it started to feel better and a week later the pain had really declined. I have since told others about their services."
"As a prior professional athlete, anytime, you can avoid surgery that is always the direction you want to go towards. All the years of repetitive movement really caused me to have double-shoulder issues later in my career. I had looked into stem cell therapy before, and the best treatment seemed to be out of the country. I was telling a friend I was going to schedule a trip to Costa Rica to get the procedure but then he told me about Leheal BioGenix. I made an appointment in their South Tampa location. The provider did a physical and advised me on a treatment plan. It sounded like what they were going to do in Costa Rica, but including so much more. Not only were we going to treat the shoulders directly, but they advised a comprehensive plan to include IV therapy, laser therapy, and nutritional supplements.  

As fun as it sounded to go to Costa Rica, this was in my own backyard. The best part, they could do the treatment that day. They injected both shoulders plus did an IV with Cytosomes. Literally, in 2 days I noticed less inflammation and less pain. A month later feel better and I have referred 2 other Wrestlers to LeHeal."
My first visit with LeHeal was a few weeks ago and I am already feeling better. I met with Lyle and after a few questions, he diagnosed my pain immediately. My first laser treatment was the same day. Amazing results. Stephanie answered my questions regarding correct posture and even suggested some tools that would help. So far I am feeling great but realize it is a process. One that I'm willing to go through. I know with my continued visits and treatment, I am on the correct road to recovery thanks to LeHeal and their wonderful staff!
Maggie Mabbitt
LeHeal is fantastic! They have the best anti-aging protocol. I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend Dr. Robertson and Biogenix for their services and expertise..
Jordan Adams