Chronic Pain? Consider Trigger Point Injections

Sep 07, 2022
Chronic Pain? Consider Trigger Point Injections
Are tense, painful muscle knots keeping you from enjoying life? Trigger points form fast, and the pain can quickly restrict your mobility. Find out how trigger point injections could be the solution for your chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Maybe it’s a stiff neck. Maybe it’s an aching lower back. Or maybe it’s soreness in your legs. No matter where it is, chronic musculoskeletal pain can limit your life — and you aren’t alone. 

About one in two American adults lives with musculoskeletal pain. With so many possible causes, diagnosing and treating it isn’t always easy, but Lyle Robinson, DC, APRN-C, CNE, and our team at LeHeal Biogenix HQ, LLC, are dedicated to helping you find answers.

We specialize in regenerative and alternative medicine, including trigger point injections to relieve chronic muscle pain. So if you’re tired of limiting your life because of pain, it’s time to learn more about trigger point injections.

Why trigger points cause chronic pain

A trigger point is a tight ball of muscle fibers and nerves. Though trigger points seem to appear out of nowhere, they’re often caused by physical injury, repetitive muscle stress, or emotional stress.

Trigger points can form almost anywhere in your musculoskeletal system, but they’re especially common in your:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Lower back
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Iliotibial (IT) band

Trigger points are so tight that they irritate surrounding nerves and restrict your mobility. Repetitive motion can make the pain worse, but holding yourself stiffly in an attempt to avoid pain can also make it worse.

If you have a trigger point, you may be able to feel a painful lump below the surface of your skin. The lump is usually incredibly tense and hypersensitive. And you can’t relieve the tension no matter how hard you try to relax.

How trigger point injections can help

Some trigger points develop and disappear on their own. In other cases, at-home remedies, like massage and anti-inflammatory medication, are enough to manage the discomfort.

But if you have persistent trigger point pain for more than a few days, Dr. Robinson can help. He has extensive experience diagnosing the causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain and finding personalized pain relief solutions.

Dr. Robinson and our team offer trigger point injections, and this nonsurgical treatment could be right for you if you’re living with ongoing trigger point pain. The injections contain a medication — usually an anesthetic or corticosteroid — that relaxes tense muscles.

A single injection delivers the medication directly into the trigger point. You might feel a crunching sensation when you get the injection, but your muscle quickly starts to relax. You can expect to notice significant pain relief within a few days.

Depending on the type of trigger point injection you get, your results may last up to several months. Dr. Robinson may recommend a series of trigger point injections for maximum relief from your chronic pain.

Could a trigger point be behind your chronic musculoskeletal pain? Get a diagnosis at LeHeal Biogenix HQ, LLC, and start a treatment plan that helps you live life with less pain. Call our Tampa, Florida, office at 813-999-2192, or schedule a free consultation online to get started.