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When can I schedule an appointment?

The team at LEHEAL BIOGENIX understands we all have busy schedules and other obligations. Our office provides convenient appointment options in the morning, daytime, evening, and Saturday. Schedule online today !

How long does it take to see results and feel better?  

The Medical Team at LEHEAL BIOGENIX will outline a treatment plan specifically for you and your needs. The treatment plan will include a comprehensive approach to include services that immediately promote healing and reduce pain. Results from Natural Biologic procedures, on average, can take up to six months. Although improvements present as early as one to three months.  

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Are the Services Covered by Insurance?

Many of the procedures offered by LEHEAL BIOGENIX are not covered by insurance at this time. We encourage our patients to take advantage of the complimentary consultation with our Medical Provider to understand the potential cost of treatment. Treatment plans are based on your medical condition and the evaluation by the medical provider.  

  • As a medical practice we do accept most Health Care Savings (HSA) and Flexible Spending Plans.
  • The treatment plans can be tailored to fit most budgets and often result in less out of pocket than services submitted through insurance when considering deductible, copays, and coinsurance.
  • The office provides a number of discounted options and payment plans.

What is the recovery time and side effects of treatment?

Treatment plans and services will vary based on your consultation with the medical provider. Many services offered by LEHEAL BIOGENIX do not have reported side effects. Before administering treatment, your Medical Provider will review all associated benefits, expected results, and risks of treatment.

With most procedures, patients can resume normal activities immediately following treatment. Patients undergoing injection procedures are typically encouraged to refrain from high impact activities for four to six weeks. Your medical provider will advise you on specific instructions for activity based on the services provided and overall treatment plan.

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How much will it cost?

The cost of treatment varies on the services provided. The mission of LEHEAL BIOGENIX is to provide our patients relief from pain in an affordable manner. There is no one-size all approach to healing. The initial consultation is provided at no cost to our patients. During the initial consultation, you will learn the treatment options and the costs of the treatment.

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Will you review my medical records?

Yes. We encourage patients to bring prior medical records and diagnostic studies to the initial consultation to be reviewed by the Medical Provider.  Additionally, if requested, you will be provided access to your medical records through a secure portal so you may easily access the details from your visit at LEHEAL BIOGENIX.